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What is Duplicate Content?

Duplicate Content - a term that has been causing confusion in the digital world. It refers to content that appears on more than one website or web page, whether it was intentionally copied or not. Duplicate content can harm your website's search engine ranking and credibility. In order to avoid these negative consequences, it is important to understand what duplicate content is and how it can be prevented.

Duplicate content can take many forms, including identical pages within a single site, similar or identical pages across multiple domains, and scraped content from other websites. The problem with duplicate content is that search engines have trouble determining which version of the content is the original source, leading to confusion about which page should rank higher in search results.

To prevent duplicate content issues on your website, you need to ensure that all of your pages have unique titles and meta descriptions. Additionally, make sure that any syndicated or republished content includes a canonical tag pointing back to the original source.