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What is eCPC (Effective Cost Per Click)?

eCPC (Effective Cost Per Click) refers to a marketing metric that calculates the average amount of money spent on each click-through action generated by an online advertisement. It helps advertisers determine the actual cost they are incurring per click and evaluate their return on investment (ROI). In other words, it measures the effectiveness of their ad campaigns in terms of generating clicks, which can then be converted into leads or sales.

The formula for calculating eCPC is relatively straightforward: total advertising spend divided by the number of clicks received. For instance, if an advertiser spends $1000 on an ad campaign that generates 500 clicks, the eCPC would be $2 ($1000/500). This figure can then be used to compare different campaigns' performances based on their cost-effectiveness.

One crucial advantage of eCPC over standard CPC (Cost-Per-Click) metrics is that it accounts for conversion rates. While CPC only indicates how much an advertiser pays per click, it does not consider whether those clicks actually convert into valuable actions such as purchases or sign-ups. Conversely, eCPC factors in these conversion rates and provides a more accurate reflection of how much advertisers are paying for each successful acquisition.