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What is Frequency Capping?

Frequency capping refers to a technique used in online advertising that limits the number of times an ad is shown to a particular user within a given period. The practice is used by advertisers to prevent overexposure and repetition, which can be irritating for users and lead to decreased effectiveness of the ad campaign.

In effect, frequency capping controls how often users are exposed to ads while they browse the web. It enables advertisers to limit the number of impressions served per individual user, product or category, so as not to inundate them with too many ads in one sitting. This technique leads to better engagement rates and more effective campaigns overall.

It's important for businesses to utilize frequency capping when running digital marketing campaigns as it ensures that their message isn't lost amidst overwhelming saturation. Many companies choose this method because it allows them to maximize their ad spend without compromising on the quality or quantity of their messaging. By controlling where and when ads are displayed, businesses can make sure that their messages reach maximum impact with minimal wastage.