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What is Horizontal Scrolling?

Horizontal Scrolling- also known as horizontal swipe, refers to the act of dragging or scrolling a webpage from left to right (or vice versa). This feature has been around for years but has recently gained popularity due to modern website design trends. With more and more websites using this technique, it's important to understand how it works and how it can affect user experience.

In simple terms, horizontal scrolling allows users to view content that's wider than the browser window by dragging left or right with their mouse cursor or swiping left or right on mobile devices. Typically, this feature is used for image galleries, timelines and infographics where delivering information horizontally might be more efficient than stacking them vertically.

While some argue that horizontal scrolling offers a unique way of interacting with content online, others find it confusing and difficult - especially on desktop computers without touch functionality. It’s up to web designers whether they choose to use horizontal scrolling in their projects as long as they keep usability in mind.