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What is Multi-touch attribution?

Multi-touch attribution - the process of determining which marketing touchpoints a customer interacts with before making a purchase. This method gives businesses insight into how different channels and initiatives work together to influence conversions, ultimately allowing them to make more informed decisions about where to allocate their advertising dollars.

The goal of multi-touch attribution is to accurately understand the entire customer journey from awareness through conversion, so that marketers can optimize their campaigns and maximize return on investment. By analyzing each step of the funnel and attributing credit for sales or leads across all channels, advertisers can gain a comprehensive view of performance and better align their strategies with overall business goals.

While single-touch methods generally only consider the last click or impression before an action takes place, multi-touch attribution allows for a more holistic approach that considers all interactions that took place prior to conversion. This nuanced understanding helps brands avoid over-crediting certain tactics while underestimating others, leading to better budget allocation and increased revenue growth.