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What is Spam?

Spam- the word everyone has heard of, but not all may know what it truly means. In simple terms, spam refers to unsolicited and irrelevant messages sent in bulk through various platforms including email, social media, text messages and more. It's an annoyance that we all have to deal with on a daily basis.

Spamming has been around for ages now and has become increasingly common with technology advancements. Today, the amount of spam being circulated online is staggering! But how did it all begin? The term "spam" originally referred to unwanted messages on internet forums and message boards which were made popular by Monty Python's Flying Circus sketch about a restaurant that served everything with spam in it. With time this term came to be associated with any kind of unsolicited mass messaging.

The consequences of dealing with spam are significant - wasted time filtering out irrelevant information from our inboxes and potential exposure to viruses or other malware threats when clicking on suspicious links. We'll take a look at some ways you can protect yourself from these threats further down.